Stick with the GLU partnership:
The most absurd collaboration in memory!

The Mandarin Show has been described by some as the most “ABSURD” way to learn a new language.  And we couldn’t agree more.

At GLU, “We” are a collaboration of actors, cinematographers, coders, designers, lawyers, linguists, software engineers and webmasters, creating the most absurd (and disruptive) advance in learning technology in recent memory, by re-inventing the way that people leverage their memory.

If you have creative, technical, linguistic or marketing skills that you feel can contribute to GLU’s mission of the advancement of mnemonic entertainment, please entertain the idea of joining GLU and the following GLU Partners:

Chris Cotter

Inventor of GLU’s mnemonic entertainment system.

Chris produces the show that incorporates the language learning system he first developed back in 1990. Chris has decades of experience as a creative director in advertising and design firms and has won every major creative award that the ad industry offers, including the New York International Film & Television Award, Addy Awards, and The One Show.

Andy Peeke

Actor, producer and shameless male model.

Starring as the host of a late night entertainment show is nothing new to Andy Peeke.  But, as the first host of the first mnemonic show in history, Andy is willing to blaze an entirely new comedic trail to achieve the highest standards in the newly created mnemonic entertainment industry.

Kristine Davoli

Art director, designer.

Kristine designs and produces the creative platform for all electronic and offline media.

Mark Davoli

Web Developer.

Mark has developed the websites for all GLU products, and oversees maintenance and web security issues.

Carl Sjoqvist

Software engineer.

Carl is the former Chief Technical Officer of the E-learning division of Pearson, the largest education company in the world. He currently consults on planning for systems architecture and product scaling for GLU.

Jason Jiang

Actor, Comedian and Rap Artist.

Jason Jiang was born in China and raised in Chicago. In addition to acting as the comedic side-kick to Andy Peeke, Jason works to maintain the linguistic integrity of the Mandarin sketches and dialogues that are part of The Mandarin Show learning system.


Interested in working with GLU?  Just write a short note about yourself and your interests regarding mnemonics, GLU, The Mandarin Show and other language products.