Anyone for COLD LUNG?
You just can't BEAT PIE!
Send the FRENCH, Fah-FAH Away!
GEE-OW! That was my FOOT!
Hey SHAH, you little shrimp, you're going DOWN!
Do you like FAN FOOD?
"SHE-WANt" means she "LIKE"

“Amazing”… ”Awesome”… “Incredible”… “Mind-blowing”

That’s what people are saying about The Mandarin Show. Why? Because The Mandarin Show is like a front row seat to the Mandarin language that’s “HIDDEN” in your own mind. Oh, it’s IN there! The Mandarin Show actually “shows” you how EVERY new word in Mandarin is linked to a word you already know in English. It’s a new Mandarin world, where “MAY” means “beautiful.” Where “FUN” means anything “pink.”. And where “WO” is “me.” (All true.) The Mandarin Show may look like a late night talk show. But what are all the guests, gags and games all about? It’s about learning the most difficult language in the world…in a way that the world has never seen before. Until now. So let’s all give a big “SHOW” of “hands” for The Mandarin Show. (SHOW means “HANDS” in Mandarin.)