This is your brain…on G.L.U.

At Global Learning Universe (GLU) our obsession is the process of memory, and how it impacts learning. Without boring you to death with a dissertation on linguistics, mnemonics and brain chemistry, based our own research, we have arrived at a simple universal theory:

When attempting to acquire new  memory, it is exponentially more effective to leverage existing memory.

We’re retrieving thoughts that you already have, things just lying around in your mind and then we’re re-using those ideas to create new ones. And this process really accelerates when there’s a willingness to do anything (and we mean anything) to create new ideas that seem to stick like… GLU.

On The Mandarin Show (our first licensed product) the GLU process translates into audience members hanging upside down, special guests beating up pies, or contestants lighting lamps on fire made of dung. To quote Shakespeare, “Wo is me!”  And he was right: In Mandarin, “wo” means “me.”