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Critics are calling “The Mandarin Show” the world’s “MOST ENTERTAINING” way to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. Why? Because it’s like a fun, late-night TALK-SHOW… for Mandarin.

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Are you a fan of “Fan Food?” The “STUPID” SECRET to

Are you a fan of… “FAN-FOOD?” Great! Because “FAN” is how you say “FOOD” in Mandarin. That’s right! “FAN” is actually how you say “FOOD” in Mandarin!

“The Mandarin Show” literally SHOWS you how thousands of new words in Mandarin Chinese (like “FAN”) are actually CONNECTED to words you ALREADY know in English (like “FOOD.”) Try it FREE!

The “STUPID” SECRET to success: “Mnemonic Entertainment.”

Okay… a “BUN” is kind of “STUPID”… when you try to wear it on your head.

And coincidentally… the word for “STUPID” in Mandarin sounds like… “BUN.”

The secret to how people learn Mandarin so fast on “The Mandarin Show” is stupidly simple: “Mnemonic entertainment.” It’s a revolutionary new scientific process that leverages the unique memory power of logical mental connections between Mandarin words and their English meaning… (like “BUN” = “STUPID”) instead of the usual practice of memorization, memorization and more memorization. Try it FREE!