What is “The Mandarin Show?”2016-10-26T15:26:56-04:00

“The Mandarin Show?” is the world’s first mnemonic entertainment system. A mnemonic is a memory device, a kind of “mental link” between two unrelated concepts. As an example, in 1608, Shakespeare famously declared “Woe is me,” accidentally creating a cross lingual mnemonic between English and Chinese. (‘Woe” means “me” in Mandarin Chinese.)

About the “LIVE” Show2019-04-08T15:52:04-04:00

The “live” version of the “Mandarin Show” is a system of learning Mandarin Chinese that lets audiences experience the mnemonic entertainment content in the format of a late night talk show. It is slated for release in 2019. Hosted by Andy Peeke, the show includes guests, gags and interviews. The entire language learning system includes content from the show plus pre-recorded videos. It will be available in downloadable and subscription formats, including a mobile app. By watching the entire series, viewers will learn to speak and understand more than 1500 words using the “Mandarin without memorization” method.

What is the “MIND GLU” system?2016-10-26T15:25:40-04:00

To achieve “Mandarin without memorization” the show leverages the “mind-GLU” system created and licensed by GLU (Global Learning Universe.)  Based on the cross lingual mnemonic dictionary first created by GLU,  The Mandarin Show fuses verbal, visual and performance methods together to “GLU” words from a known language (English) to another new language (Mandarin Chinese.)

What is “Fists of Fluency?”2019-04-08T15:53:54-04:00

This 10-part series corresponds to the 10 episodes of “The Mandarin Show?”. No translation is required, as audiences at each point already know the words they are hearing. The format is a parody of soap operas, and employs wildly expressive gestures (over-acting) as an additional basis for communicating the content. Currently in production.

Grammar? No, no no!2017-10-24T10:05:17-04:00

The grammar of Mandarin Chinese has NO tenses, NO genders and NO plurals. It is considered one of the simplest grammatical structures of all world languages. Selected points of grammar are introduced as needed in both the “show” and Home Game” versions.

What is Pin Yin?2016-10-26T15:21:15-04:00

Pin Yin (pronounced “pin-yeen”) is a method created in the 1950’s to represent the sound of the Chinese spoken language using the English alphabet. Many signs in China are shown simultaneously in both Pin Yin and in Chinese characters. All Mandarin Chinese words on The Mandarin Show are represented using the Pin Yin system.

The Four Tones2019-04-08T15:55:02-04:00

Mandarin Chinese is a “tonal” language. For example, the word “fan” can mean “turn,” “trouble,” “opposite,” or “food” depending on which of the four Mandarin Chinese tones you use. In the Mandarin Show system, tones are introduced with each new word, and re-played in “Fists of Fluency.”

How do I order?2019-04-08T15:55:48-04:00

The Mandarin Show will be available in late 2019. Enter you email here for to be notified of any announcements.

Join the GLU Team!2016-10-26T15:19:01-04:00

If you would like to be involved with GLU, The Mandarin Show, or applications in other languages, please contact us and let us know what skills or areas of interest you have, including (in alphabetical order) acting, brand development, coding, comedy, legal services, linguistics, marketing, music, public relations, SEO, social media, theatrical design, videography, web development, etc.